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In a city plagued with crime and corruption, one man fights to save both the soul of the city as well as his own.

In the year 199X, the streets of Heaven's Point is but a thin web hiding a dark hive of violent gangs, manipulative corporations and corrupt politicians.

The decent people of the city live in fear as any soul brave enough to stand up to these criminals quickly disappears into the shadows never to be seen again.

When his dearest friend falls prey to the scum of the Devil Dogs one man must draw strength from the violent past he had hoped never would surface again.

It's time to tear the heart of the city from the jaws of darkness and bring it back to the light.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Punch
GenreAdventure, Fighting
TagsBeat 'em up, Open World, Pixel Art, Point & Click


heavenspoint-early-alpha-demo.zip 28 MB


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Animations are super fluid. It feels super good to play this game. I hope you continue to develop it, its very well done.

Is there another to play this game besides downloading beacuse I can't find any apps 


Brawler Avenue has played your game. 


I could not open your game, Windows says it has a virus.
Look at this picture. 

I think it's because your file has no digital signature, and Windows interprets this as a possible threat.
I think you should fix this fast so as not to hurt your sales.
I want to play your game.
I will accompany your journey.

Good luck!

Thank you for pointing this out, Francisco! You are correct. It is because the file doesn't have a digital signature yet.

We have updated the executeable and it should now work better. Give it another try and tell us if it works better now or not!



Yes, it worked! I played.
This time Windows did nothing. But Google Chrome blocked the download, but I continued the download.

I liked the style of the interaction menu, I remembered the game "Full Throttle".

I do not know how I got past the boss, I thought I was going to die. It was creative to leave the boss vulnerable with a punch to the penis. Hehehe!
After killing the boss, I went to the store to buy food to make a living. 
So I went back home, tried to open the refrigerator to eat and recover Life. 
I tried every possible alternative, after a long time realized that the shower water recovered to life. 
So I went out looking for new missions, I killed a lot of people and used the cell phone to call a taxi. Hehehe, it was tiring. But it was funny. I hope the new missions have unexpected and funny things.


What a fun game! I made a video about it for my show. So excited to see the final product. 

What a well-made summarized video!

Thanks for playing our demo and even making a video about it! We really appreciate it!

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For all of you who want to read up on some updates regarding the game, head on over to our GameJolt page! 


I swear...

a thin web hiding a dark hive of violent gangs, manipulative corporations and corrupt politicians.

The decent people of the city live in fear as any soul brave enough to stand up to these criminals

This looks like my city :(


This is great! Amazing animation and environment art. Feels like a more adventure-gamey version of River City Ransom, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Look forward to seeing how the combat develops.

Really happy that you like our game, skul-gun! As i mentioned in an earlier post: At the moment the combat system is just in it's basic state since we have yet to flush it out with more mechanics such as different moves, throwing stuff, using weapons etc. But it's def something we are going to improve!


Do you have a website or email chain that I can subscribe to for updates?

I am so excited for the full game!


We are very glad that you like our game, FMOfficial!

Atm we do not have an email chain and our website  only gets updated once something big happends. But Heaven's Point is going to get featured on GameJolt on August 30th and we will be posting updates there, so you are welcome to head over there and follow us!

If you have any feedback on the current state of the game feel free to let us know! We need all the feedback we can get!


Hey! Played some of this on my channel! Got stuck because I didn't realize I had to call a cab, but still had a good time. :P 

I just watched your video and it was great! You def need more subs because that was quality content!
Regarding the taxi part, yeah the demo does not yet include a "to do list", so you kinda have to read the dialogue in order to know what to do. But we are def going to implement some sort of quest list so that people easier can see what to do next.

Thank you very much for making a video about our game, lokijki! We really appreciate it!

We want all the feedback we can get about the game's current state so if you have any please let us know!

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Wow, nice game. I liked how it chooses the options to interact with the things, but mainly moving around and interacting with stuff, was nice to check what they did, yet, moving arround felt nice, and kicking, and talking to the people, and they had something to tell you, all that felt nice.

Nice art, nice old style, liked it.

We are really glad that you liked our demo maxio601! At the moment the combat system is just in it's basic state since we have yet to flush it out with more mechanics such as different moves, throwing stuff, using weapons etc. We intend to update the demo soon once we have more content put into the game so that we can get more feedback regarding the new mechanics.

If you have any other feedback regarding the demo, good or bad, please let us know! We need all the feedback we can get!

Thank you for playing, we really appreciate it!

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Ok, you don't have to take this seriously.

Okay, so, well, I mean, I wonder if someone would be worried about the fact that you kill and get the money of the people that easily (even though it's fun), but pretty much no many would be worried about it. And when I pressed escape, or F2, if I pressed it a little later it would have rebooted everything that I advanced in the game and I didn't know about it... 

So yeah that's all feedback I have to give.
After all, has potential, would buy it.

Thanks for your input!

We are aware about the civilians. People have mentioned it before that they want other ways to make money and that is exactly what we are aiming for. Atm the only way to make money is to either kill civilians or punch the blue sofa in your apartment a couple of times (not many people know about this). 

We are going to make the civilians drop much less money than they do now and let the enemies you fight drop more instead. We also intend to implement some sort of "goodguy/badguy" system. If you hit too many civilians the police will eventually show up and either beat you down or arrest you. We want to give the player freedom to do whatever they want, but with consequenses for each action! So this is def something we are looking into.

Regarding the ESC or F2 issue, we are well aware that this is not ideal. We intend to make ESC pause and enter a menu (like every other game does). Any sort of menu system or options menu has not yet been implemented yet tho. That's why ESC restarts the game atm.

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Heaven's Point brought home the award for "Best execution in Design" at the Swedish Game Awards last week. We're really happy and thankful that you're all enjoying the game!


Well I'm sold on this demo. I like using point and click elements especially in my action games. I can only hope you can come up with more puzzling scenarios (and perhaps multiple solutions maybe?). 

Tone, it's great. R-Rated 80s shlock popcorn flick. I'd the the graphics might be a little inconsistent but it works just fine.

Biggest part I think you need to improve is the combat. The fast punches feel too floaty, but the charge p/k is great. There seems to be no difference between the two (punches and kicks) currently, which is a shame. Combos, grabs, back-attacks, jump attacks, etc. Get crazy. 

Looking forward to the finished product. 


It's great to hear that you are enjoying our demo Lucky and thank you for your feedback! We need all the feedback we can get!

Regarding the problem-solving aspect of the game, we do indeed intend to create more complex puzzles and problems to solve in the full game. We want to aim for old-school "point and click difficulty".

Regarding the combat, we currently just have the basic pillars of the system running atm, but we do intend to build upon the combat system much more as we proceed. Combos, wieldable weapons, throw objects, leveling up in order to get stronger and learn new moves etc.

Our main goals are to have a solid adventure part and a solid combat part in the game, as those two things are the main focus of Heaven's Point.

Thanks again for your feedback! We intend to update our demo further down the road once we have more content.


This game looks like it's gonna be amazing! I'm a huge fan of old school beat 'em ups and this one combines that classic feel with some more modern aspects like being able to interact with your environment.

The pixel graphics are on point, the 80's references are glaring but wonderful and the toilet humour is right up my poopy street.

There's some seriously fun gameplay to be had and goofy characters to talk to, and I honestly can't wait to play more of this! Keep up the awesome work! =)


Awesome video Mikey!

We really do enjoy seeing other people play and react to our game. It's a great way to see what works and what doesn't work with the game. What needs to be improved and/or changed etc.

For example, we have realized that the "mini-boss" at the end of the parking lot fight needs to be changed as people rarely realize how to get him down. Atm we just put him in there as a goof since he goes down instantly with just one hard punch or kick to the balls. As regular punches and kicks don't do squat against him.

Thank you for making a video about HP. We really appreciate it! We intend to update our demo further down the road once we have more content in place!